Live Below The Line

Tomorrow I will start my latest challenge: Live Below The Line. Around the world roughly 1.2 billion people live in absolute poverty ($1.25 per day at purchasing power parity) according to 2013 estimates. In Bangladesh, around 32% of the population live below this poverty line.

For five days, I will live on £1 per day. This experience will show me the difficulty faced by billions of people every day. I, however, do not have to also pay for things such as energy, whereas many families in poverty will also to consider such costs.

I chose to purchase the food for the challenge at Aldi, since I believe this is where I can maximise the amount of food that I can buy for £5. I choose to spend 99p on some nice bread rather than the cheapest, and I opted to include some vegetables rather than buying more substantial oats or lentils. Only time will tell whether this was a good or bad decision to have made…

I will be posting updates regarding my challenge throughout the week on this blog. Please donate at to help VSO continue their efforts towards sustainable development in low income countries as Bangladesh.



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